Two weeks have past since our last update. Time seems to fly by week after week. Tori and I are busy in the Lord’s work trying to make a difference in the lives of people around us. 

Our children’s ministries have been really good the last two weeks. Many kids have come to the meeting and there has been a good spirit among them. We have learned that there are many ups and downs in this ministry. Tori and I both are trying to focus on the Lord and the power of His might. Over the years it can be discouraging when you see kids come and go. We know that though many come and go some are listening and only God knows the impact we are having on the lives of some of these children.

Our Wednesday night adult meeting has fallen backwards a little. Attendance has been down, but we are determined to shine the light of Jesus Christ in the darkness! Please pray specifically for hearts to be tender for the things of God.

Our Varaždin Church is doing well. We have a faithful group who attends and we are grateful for them.

This past Saturday. we traveled to the city of Osijek, about a 3 hour drive, and witnessed for a few hours. Three churches were involved and 35 people passed out tracts, John and Romans, and witnessed to anyone who would listen. There were about 6,000 pieces of literature passed out and 4 professions of faith. We then fellow-shipped together at a local nature park and our people really enjoyed the time together.

There are not many Independent Baptist in Croatia, so it was good to come together in a joint effort.

Thank you all for praying! Your prayers make a difference!

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9

Another week is in the books. We had a great service last Wednesday in Kuršanec. A young man named Miljenko, who has been faithful since we started our adult meeting, brought a visitor to Church. This young man came to our children’s ministry in the village, and was faithful to come every week. When he reached 13 or so he quit coming and avoided us in the village. It is a joy to see him back; being faithful; and even bringing a visitor with him. 

Our children’s ministries was also blessed. Attendance is up again. Both, the Saturday and Sunday meeting were packed. Sometimes it’s frustrating and you wonder if you are making a difference. Then God reminds you maybe the next great Gypsy Preacher is in the room and listening and growing. Maybe that young man will be a mighty preacher for God among the Gypsies of Europe. 

Nothing spectacular in Varaždin Sunday morning. We did have 29 in attendance and the Word of God was opened and preached! I just want to remain faithful week after week and point our people to Jesus.

We finished the week with Harvest Sunday in Čakovec. There were 29 in attendance with 6 visitors. Brother Rič preached a great message and the Gospel was preached. One of the visitors was a 20 year old young man. He said he knew Rič and I, but we did not recognize him. We then learned he was at our church when he was 10. I used to pick up his mom and grandma, along with this young man and his sister, and bring them to Church. What a joy to learn who he was; and think the seed sown 10 years ago is producing fruit today. I’m glad after 10 years there is church still here that he could come back to. He’s supposed to be back next Sunday! Pray that God would do a work in Krunoslav this week!

Wow what a week! It started Tuesday night with a call from Brother Krešo; someone had broken into our building in Kuršanec and stole our new wood burning stove and our lawnmower. He had already called the police and I had to get there quick to meet them. This is the first time in 19 years that I had to deal with the police on this level. It was a new experience for sure but they were very gracious and helpful. I honestly thought it was hopeless and that they would do little to help. Stealing in the Gypsy village is a way of life and happens daily. Within a week the police called me and had caught the thief and recovered our stolen property. I was overjoyed to hear this news! God is good all the time!

On Wednesday night, our adult meeting in Kuršanec, we were was down with 7 from the village show up. However, a young man by the name of Carlo came for the first time and was gloriously saved! I’m thrilled that Light is shining through the darkness in this village. Please continue to pray for this work along with the children’s ministries.

We finished the week out with “Harvest Sunday” in our church in Varaždin. It was tremendous day! We had 45 show up for Church with several first-time visitors. Brother Ron Winkler preached the message, and all heard the Gospel. It was a wonderful day in the Lord’s house.  We are all rejoicing in the goodness of our God!