It’s hard to believe another week has come and gone; the weeks seem to run together. It’s now been two weeks since I gave a report, because a week ago, I began to run a fever and experience body aches and chills. This was on a Saturday and soon it became clear that I wasn’t getting better before Sunday. Praise the Lord Brother and Mrs. Winkler stepped up and was able to pick people up for church and Brother Rich filled in for me Sunday morning. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the teenage meeting with the Roma; we don’t like to do that, but it couldn’t be avoided. After four days my fever left, and I began to feel better.

I was able to preach our Wednesday evening meeting in Kuršanec and we had 13 show up for the meeting with a total of 17 counting us. It was a great meeting, and many listened attentively. We have had several come back every week and are praying for their spiritual growth.

On Saturday we went to Rijeka, a costal city in Croatia, with a group of 29. There were 14 from the two independent Baptist churches in Varaždin and Čakovec, and 15 from the church in Zagreb. Our goal was to witness and sow the seed of God's Word followed but some fellowship. There were about 2,000 John and Romans passed out and about 3,000 tracts. We know and rejoice over one profession of faith. God willing, we hope to reach other large cities that have no Gospel witness.

On Sunday we all dragged into church, tired from the day before. We had 29 in service and there was a good spirit and liberty to preach. In the afternoon we had our teenage meeting in Kursanec and God gave us a good service. There were about 25 present and Brother Ron preached the message. Week after week we sow the seed in the hearts of these young people. Please pray for them, because there is much demonic influence in this village. We need the presence of Almighty God!

Next week we will have “Harvest Sunday” and we’re praying for a big day; please pray with us that Jesus will be lifted up and souls will be saved.

Because of Jesus,

Bro Johnny Leslie

Rijeka October 2019
Rijeka October 2019

Well, another Sunday is in the books. Feels like we live Sunday to Sunday.

We had a great service at Victors Independent Baptist Church in the morning with about 27 in attendance with lots of folks out sick. In the teen meeting, in the Gypsy village, we had about 20 and everything went off with out any major incidences and that's a good but rare thing.

Sunday evening at Tree of Life Independent Baptist Church we had the privilege of seeing Bro Krešo's mom and Dad, Josip and Božica, get baptized. We have been praying for them for a long while so it was a blessing. It's wonderful to watch young Christians like Bro Krešo stand for the Lord and do right and then watch God save their families.

Praise the Lord for His willingness to save any and all who call upon His name!