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2020 Prayer Letters

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"The work is as busy as ever and we have seen many saved! We continue having our adult meeting in Kuršanec and almost every week someone has been saved. We have moved the meeting to the larger room in the basement and already we are out of room. There is a good crowd coming every Wednesday night and many are returning and becoming faithful to the meeting. It is our hope that we will organize a solid church in this village for the glory of God."

Jan - Feb 2020

"Before the lock-down, the works were doing great! Our Gypsy work was full every meeting. Since January we’ve seen 15 saved and many of the folks are coming every week; the church was growing spiritually and numerically. For now, we are in a complete shut-down and all the works have stopped. I can record our services and take a DVD to Krešo and then he watches it and shows it to many of the people."

Mar - Apr 2020

"We have begun services again in Varaždin. It was a joy to meet as a local church and sing and worship the Lord together. Not everyone has returned yet, so we are continuing to record each service so that our folks can still watch via YouTube. The silver lining in all this is that we have people watching the services from all over Croatia. This is allowing us to influence others who do not live in our area."

May - Jun 2020

"Our Roma work is a blessing and a trial to me personally. Many times, I deal with problems among them and it seems as though I am fighting the devil weekly on their behalf. This place is certainly a strong hold of Satan and he does not want to give it up. The devil has held these people in bondage for long enough! Therefore, we continue trying to rescue some. The work has it’s problems but it’s full of blessings also."

Jul - Aug 2020

My heart is broken that they must go back home where there is no church. I am one man and I cannot be everywhere, yet my heart breaks for them and Marko from Germany! I’m trying to find away that I could travel and help these men start churches in their cities and countries. Please pray for me, that God would give wisdom, resources, and Holy Ghost power that somehow, we can get churches started in these cities.


In November we finally received our container of 24,500 Bibles! Many of our people came as we
worked together, what a joy it was to unload those Bibles! It was a battle getting them through customs and delivered to us, but in the end, God showed up and they are safe. We have already begun distributing them and look forward to an ease of the COVID-19 restrictions so that we get a Bible into the hands of the Croatian people!