Week in review-November 11, 2019

Two weeks have past since our last update. Time seems to fly by week after week. Tori and I are busy in the Lord’s work trying to make a difference in the lives of people around us. 

Our children’s ministries have been really good the last two weeks. Many kids have come to the meeting and there has been a good spirit among them. We have learned that there are many ups and downs in this ministry. Tori and I both are trying to focus on the Lord and the power of His might. Over the years it can be discouraging when you see kids come and go. We know that though many come and go some are listening and only God knows the impact we are having on the lives of some of these children.

Our Wednesday night adult meeting has fallen backwards a little. Attendance has been down, but we are determined to shine the light of Jesus Christ in the darkness! Please pray specifically for hearts to be tender for the things of God.

Our Varaždin Church is doing well. We have a faithful group who attends and we are grateful for them.

This past Saturday. we traveled to the city of Osijek, about a 3 hour drive, and witnessed for a few hours. Three churches were involved and 35 people passed out tracts, John and Romans, and witnessed to anyone who would listen. There were about 6,000 pieces of literature passed out and 4 professions of faith. We then fellow-shipped together at a local nature park and our people really enjoyed the time together.

There are not many Independent Baptist in Croatia, so it was good to come together in a joint effort.

Thank you all for praying! Your prayers make a difference!

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