Week in review - October 22, 2019

Wow what a week! It started Tuesday night with a call from Brother Krešo; someone had broken into our building in Kuršanec and stole our new wood burning stove and our lawnmower. He had already called the police and I had to get there quick to meet them. This is the first time in 19 years that I had to deal with the police on this level. It was a new experience for sure but they were very gracious and helpful. I honestly thought it was hopeless and that they would do little to help. Stealing in the Gypsy village is a way of life and happens daily. Within a week the police called me and had caught the thief and recovered our stolen property. I was overjoyed to hear this news! God is good all the time!

On Wednesday night, our adult meeting in Kuršanec, we were was down with 7 from the village show up. However, a young man by the name of Carlo came for the first time and was gloriously saved! I’m thrilled that Light is shining through the darkness in this village. Please continue to pray for this work along with the children’s ministries.

We finished the week out with “Harvest Sunday” in our church in Varaždin. It was tremendous day! We had 45 show up for Church with several first-time visitors. Brother Ron Winkler preached the message, and all heard the Gospel. It was a wonderful day in the Lord’s house.  We are all rejoicing in the goodness of our God! 

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